My Sunny Resort
  • My Sunny Resort – Create your own Vacation Paradise!

    Who doesn’t dream of sun, sandy beaches and palm trees? Listen to the soft rushing of the waves as they roll ashore, let the ocean breeze dance across your feet as you lie comfortably in the sun, and enjoy the wonderful weather. If you want a fun way to escape the stress of everyday life, a holiday in My Sunny Resort is just the right thing! In this entertaining online manager game, you build your very own vacation resort. All sorts of entertaining tasks and exciting challenges await you. Under the tutelage of a friendly hotel manager, you will get to know the most important features at the beginning of the game. After that, you’ll drift right off into your own vacation dream. Build your unique beach resort. Of course, you have some ambitious goals: Your aim in this online manager adventure is to take care of your guests as well as possible and become an established 5 star facility. You’ll have tons of features at your disposal. The further you progress in this beach game, the more possibilities there are!
  • Pamper your Guests in the Vacation Browser Game

    In the browser game My Sunny Resort, you slip into the role of an online manager and build your own vacation resort. You’ll start off with a modest property and work your way up through this hotel game adventure fun. After all, you want to pamper your guests so that your My Sunny Resort establishes an excellent reputation as a vacation paradise. The happier your guests are, the better their reviews will be. With My Sunny Resort, you’ll experience an entertaining game that combines beach game and manager game features in an exciting twist. As an online manager in your My Sunny Resort, you will be met with countless challenges in form of quests that you can master. Story Quests will give you some background on the goings-on in game; there are usual much more intense than mini tasks, which you can also complete over the course of the manager game. The great thing is that it’s completely up to you how you design your resort and which hotel manager features you prefer to make use of. You have countless game options at your disposal!
  • Your Vacation in My Sunny Resort Begins now

    You want to experience hotel games for free? Then you should definitely try out My Sunny Resort! In this entertaining beach game, you will build your own vacation resort and take care of your visitors in your role as an online manager. Enchant and amaze them with countless hotel game features that you will progressively unlock as you level up. Expand your property and build enticing bungalows that you can see both from the inside and outside. My Sunny Resort has tons of surprises in store for you. Discover new manager game features and options that allow you to increase your hotel dollar revenue. After all, as a successful online manager you’ll need plenty of in-game currency to expand your resort. Aside from hotel dollars, you will also find a premium currency in My Sunny Resort: Shells. Try out management games for free and step into the fascinating world of My Sunny Resort. Your resort management isn’t just limited to one location; the further you progress in the game, the more resorts you can open – all over the world!
  • Your own Holiday Oasis

    Experience an extraordinary manager game browser game that whisks you away into the echanting atmosphere of a relaxing holiday resort. The best part: You can play My Sunny Resort free! Registering on the upjers Portal is enough to get going. Once you have your free upjers account, you can dive right into the game. Mesmerize your guests and pamper them with amazing leisure activities, earn hotel dollars and upgrade your resort to the luxury vacation destination everyone wants to visit. Experience the fantastic vacation vibes as an online resort manager in My Sunny Resort and discover this unique manager game challenge amidst beaches, palm trees and rolling waves and prove your people skills in dealing with staff and guests. Establish various resorts over the course of the game, make friends with your fellow players and design hotel facilities for various classes of guests, from cheap charter getaways to luxurious 5-star destinations. My Sunny Resort is waiting for you. Enjoy your stay as you play this extraordinary online manager browser game.
  • Ready for Sun, Sand and the Sea?

    The more successful you are in this browser game, the more options you’ll have to design and customize your resort property. Decorate your resort with items such as sand castles, fountains, surfboards, and inflatable mattresses. Lovingly furnish your bungalows with rugs, various kinds of flooring and walls, plants, and furniture and build other amenities such as restaurants, attractions, and shops. Discover the hotel game fun online and explore an all-round extraordinary hotel manager game, that is sure to put you under its spell with its relaxing atmosphere, lovingly detailed graphics, adorable animations, and entertaining gameplay. If you want to experience manager games, you’re definitely right here! Dive into the fascinating world of My Sunny Resort and become an online manager in this entertaining hotel game setting.
  • Virtual Vacation in your Browser

    As an online manager, you’ll be responsible for hiring staff to take care of various tasks for you in your own vacation empire with plenty of resorts of differing star classes. From 1 star charter tourist centers to luxurious 5 star resorts with exquisite planned activities and spa atmospheres, you can build it all! Additionally, you can chauffeur guests from one vacation destination to the next with the taxi. Experience a unique and impressive mix of beach game and manager game browser game, that will infuse you with delightful vacation vibes. Join in now!
  • More Infos about My Sunny Resort

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For Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)

Minimum requirements: 2GB RAM, 1GB Graphics Card, upjers home EULA applies.

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