My Sunny Resort
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    My Sunny Resort

    Now you can open your very own vacation paradise. In the exciting new hotel game My Sunny Resort you’ll create your own resort facility. Build your own heavenly holiday resort right next to the ocean. Build bungalows and furnish them with enchanting decorations, as you continuously expand your activity offering for your guests. Discover the diverse hotel game features.

    Manage your own Vacation Resort

    Discover the Amazing World of Hotel Games

    My Sunny Resort

    Design your first vacation resort in the hotel game My Sunny Resort – fun in the tropical sun!

    Ready for the Beach

    You’re looking for a change of pace from everyday life? Then experience the browser game My Sunny Resort and become a hotel game manager!

    Play Hotel Games Online now

    The setting is responsible for a very special atmosphere in online hotel games. The colorful browser game My Sunny Resort whisks you away to an exceptionally idyllic tropical setting. Open your own holiday resort amidst sun, sand, and surf. Amusing hotel game features and elements await you. The higher up you level, the more possibilities you’ll have!

    The Browser Game with Vacation Vibes

    My Sunny Resort

    Experience a true gem among online hotel games. Let yourself be enchanted by My Sunny Resort and embark on your great holiday adventure. In this entertaining online game, you create your very own vacation resort. Build bungalows, decorate them with fantastic decoration items, and entrance your guests with amazing attractions. Over the course of the game, you can open countless resorts all over the world and even send guests around to various locations. You can also turn your hotel facilities into 5 star luxury resorts. Check out My Sunny Resort! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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    My Sunny Resort

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    Great Hotel Game Tips

    Comprehensive hotel game tips, tricks and infos can be found in the My Sunny Resort game forums.

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For Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)

Minimum requirements: 2GB RAM, 1GB Graphics Card, upjers home EULA applies.